The Best Things to Do With Kids in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is a city of historical treasures and exciting activities. Year in year out, families looking for relaxation have found solace in this city. They have lots of fun, learning packages, and fantastic sceneries. Whether your kids are on a learning trip, relaxation, or family bonding, its s great getaway place. The historical district creates amazing and unforgettable memories for kids.

A visit to Philadelphia with kids can be challenging though, given its rich history and a child’s general lack of excitement around the subject. Pair it with some bad neighborhoods, and you and your family need to be extremely careful where you choose to go, or you could have a horrible trip.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a master list of the best things to do with kids in Philly. It’s a labor of love really. We tried to make sure this covered some of the things Philly is best known for, so adults who have never visited this wonderful city before can be sure to see some of the sights as well.

The US National Constitution Center Museum

This is the world’s only museum dedicated to the US Constitution. In this museum, the past meets the present. Therein we got a hold of the 42 founding fathers’ statues that signed the constitution in 1787. The museum contains an original copy of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation. In this hall, kids pose with bronze statues as we enjoy the multimedia performance. The star-shaped Kimmel Theater features production films and live actors. They convey information on “freedom” through exhibits and artifacts. This high tech interactive displays leave the kids glued on-screen all day. Learn more here

Penn’s Landing Family Event

The establishment of the site was to honor William Penn who landed in Philadelphia in 1682. The site is a host to endless ways to enjoy the historic district’s riverfront. In the park, kids get to enjoy the spruce Street Harbor Park and Blue Cross RiverRink Winterfest. This park features food stands, floating lily pad lounges, hammocks, and carnival-style games. It has fun-filled festivals and alfresco concerts. We got to dance to all tunes of different music genres. There is a lot of swimming, boat paddling, swan boats, and Kayaks for the sea sharks.

The 12-minute ferry tour through the Delaware River offers lots of fun. During cool temperatures, ice skating and ski-style chalet are the sports to behold. For the residents, summer and fall are the seasons of multicultural events. The PECO Multicultural Festivals shoe cases and embraces cultural diversity in Philadelphia.

Treetop Quest Philly

This is for the thrill-seekers. Located in the fair mountain park, the aerial adventure park offers amazing features. The activities consist of an elevated obstacle course for kids and adults. We found more than 20 zip lines of different lengths. This was a great experience for older toddlers with flying ambitions. Other activities include Tarzan swings, balance beams, monkey bars, and rock walls. The high sky obstacles test the balance and agility of daring participants. This site is scary. But there are courses that show a different level of difficulty to encounter in each stage. So you get to go where you and the kids are comfortable. Learn more here

Please Touch Museum

The nation’s premier children’s fun ground lies in historic Memorial Hall. Unlike other museums, this one is specifically for children aged 1- 7. It’s divided into zones for different age groups. The younger ones aged 1 -4 haves lots of memorable and fun activities. Form merry –go –round to duck riding and clay molding. The 1876 Centennial Exploration” exhibit and memorial hall history provides information for kids. Hare, we also got to ride on a restored century-old carousel. It was amazing to note that the carousal has been in existence since 1908. And, after over 40 years, restored and returned to its original city. It enriches children’s lives through interactive learning. The Creative Arts Studio invites kids and grown-ups to take part in art programmes. These hands-on programs include sculpting with clay station, mural-making, and cardboard structure building.

There is also Alice’s Adventures in wonderland. Hare, the kids, can play croquet with the Queen and sip tea with the Mad Hatter. The real bus riding and boat sailing activities offer lots of fun. There is nature’s pond where kids discover the animal’s nest among grass and lily’s. Please Touch also offers a theater experience by providing stories for kids. We also visited a supermarket where the kids are the boss. Hare, they get to stock the shelves with plastic recreations of various products. They can also load their cart and ring up the order. Learn more here

Become a One-Time Fireman at the Old Firehouse

The Fireman’s Hall museum begun in 1736 by Benjamin Franklin. But today, the Philadelphia Fire Department run the operations with hospitality and enthusiasm. Here, we learn in a fun way on real-life practices of fire safety. The kids dress up in full gear of a firefighter, run the horse and ride the wheels. Displays of firefighting equipment and mock-ups illustrate how firefighters control blazes. The recreation rooms are full of badges, helmets with dressing, and a chief’s room. This shows how firefighters have passed the hours between fighting blazes. Their machines are spotless and shiny. This creates an elusive safe world of firefighting and minimizes fear in participants. The site lets your child run the engine like a pro. Something that creates lifetime memories of Philadelphia. Learn more here

African American Museum

This is an institution that preserves, and exhibits the heritage of African- Americans. It provides a rich history of the audacious freedom movement of 1776 – 1876. It allows great men like Octavius Catto and Richard Allen to tell their stories. These stories portray the roles of African-Americans’ in the founding of the nation. The upper galleries host specialized historical and social exhibitions. This consists of fine art, multimedia displays, and historical artifacts. Apart from being a historical site, the museum offers a monthly Macy’s Family Fun day. Families gather here for full suit fun activities. Learn more here

The Great Philadelphia ZOO

This is America’s first zoo with over 1300 animals. It offers a variety of species with a dynamic and interactive wildlife display. In our tour, we explored its features through the zoo360 train system initiative. This initiative gives a full view of animals moving above and across the pathway.

Known for its historic architecture, the zoo lies on a 42-acre Victorian garden. It’s surrounded by tree-lined walks, formal shrubbery, and animal sculptures. Its home to the Big Cat Falls, the McNeil Avian Center, and the PECO Primate Reserve. The eye-catching species include orangutan, chimp, and white lions. We also found rare breeds and botanical collections of over 500 plant species. It has adequate veterinary facilities and research centers for sustainable wildlife. Learn more here

The Philly Cheesesteak

They say that food is a way to the heart. No wonder a visit to Philadelphia remains in my heart for a lifetime. It is world-famous for the delicious cheese steaks. A long, crusty roll filled with thinly sliced, freshly sautéed ribeye beef and melted cheese. Its sweetness lies in the balance of flavors, textures, and the drip factor. The varieties include Cheez Whiz®, sautéed onions, cooked mushrooms, and ketchup. The American and provolone also serve as great alternatives. For visitors or residents, here are some famous places to enjoy the best cheese steaks.

  • John’s Roast pork: exceptionally known for a crusty seeded roll from Carangi’s Bakery.
  • Angelo’s Pizzeria: great place for both pizza and cheesesteak

For more recommendations on the best place to get a cheesesteak, check out our guide here.