5 Things Philly Is Best Known For

Philadelphia is a city steeped in history and sports culture. While there’s something for everyone here, there’s certainly a few things that come to everyone’s mind when they hear Philly. 

Below we will discuss the 5 things that Philly is best known for. We compiled this last based on our own experiences as well as actual search volumes. We used a popular tool called Ahrefs to compile search volumes for some of Philly’s most memorable things. 

1. Philadelphia Sports

Undoubtedly, Philadelphia is home to some raving sports lunatics. From the few keywords we found, we could easily compile over 3,000,000 searches per month going to just sports teams. 

In fact, the phrase “Philadelphia Eagles” alone generates around 2,000,000 searches per month. 

The second most popular Philadelphia sports team is the Phillies, with “Philadelphia Phillies” generating over 500,000 searches every month. 

The 76ers are not to be forgotten as well, sporting clear over 400,000 searches per month for the term “Philadelphia 76ers”.

2. Philly Cheesesteak

Of course Philadelphia is also home to one of the best sandwiches ever created, the cheesesteak. Every month more than 500,000 people search for information regarding Philly’s iconic sandwich. And there’s a huge amount of people that are constantly searching for the best cheesesteak in Philly.

Philly has a huge rivalry going on as well between Pat’s and Geno’s – two old establishments to get a cheesesteak at. In our opinion, you can skip both. But it’s an interesting history to explore. You will find that Philadelphians seem to love heated debates and rivalries (see cheesesteaks, sports, etc, etc). 

3. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Yes, the iconic show starring Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Glen Howerton and Kaitlin Olson is a true staple of Philadelphia. Each month the show generates just under 100,000 searches. And talking to the visitors, it’s one of the most common things brought up. 

It could be that the show is genuinely funny, or it could be that it’s so symbolic of the traditional Philly attitude, but It’s Always Sunny is a show that’s near and dear to any Philadelphian, in one way or another. 

4. The Philadelphia Zoo

Coming in at fourth on our list is the zoo, boasting over 85,000 searches every month. Now, unlike other Zoo’s, Philadelphia has a pretty memorable Zoo. Philadelphia boasts the first zoo in America. Initially chartered all the way back in 1859, it got delayed by the Civil War. 

Today it is home to many rare animals, and even some architectural history. The Zoo hosts “The Solitude”, which is the country home of William Penn’s grandson, erected all the way back in 1785.

5. The Liberty Bell

No visit to Philadelphia is complete without a stop over at the Liberty Bell, and that’s something 84,000 people every month seem to agree on. Hopefully you’ve heard the history of this marvel, so we will spare you the details. 

If you are a tourist planning to visit the Liberty Bell, wake up early and be prepared to stand in line. Admission is free and there’s no tickets required, but it can be a gruesome wait in the busy season. After all, it’s an extremely important old bell. 


While these five took the spotlight in terms of searches every month, Old City is a must visit if you are a tourist. You won’t get to the Liberty Bell without stepping foot in here, but there’s a lot of history to see and explore in this little zone. 

Be sure to check out the Reading Terminal Market, another hugely popular aspect of Philadelphia that just barely missed the spotlight.