Best Companies To Work For In Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of the incredible cities to secure employment since it has a fantastic job environment. With friendly co-workers, you can navigate the tasks at hand with sheer simplicity. Philadelphia is a lively city full of exciting things to do. The best part is that the area has a variety of job opportunities. You can choose to work in large, medium, and small organizations. We’ve rounded up some of the best companies to work for in Philadelphia.

1. Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius LLP

The law firm is based in Philadelphia, with 31 offices across the globe. Employees in the company come from diverse cultures. On that account, you can blend in easily with other people at Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius LLP. It is gender inclusive since the workforce has 54.5% of women. The firm pays exceptionally well in positions, such as staff attorney and partner. You will enjoy staff retention since employees stay in the company for more than three years.

2. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks deals with computer and network security. It is one of the best companies to work for in Philadelphia due to countless opportunities. You will team up with friendly, professional, and respectful people in the company. The flexible working hours make Palo Alto Networks outstanding. Employees enjoy paid time off during sick days, personal days off, and vacation days. There are an on-site gym and regular training to improve your skills and knowledge. The company offers competitive salaries based on your merit and experience

3. Radian Group Inc.

The Radian Group Inc offers real estate services, private mortgage insurance, and risk management products. Its headquarters is in Philadelphia, but it branches out to London, Hong Kong, and New York City. Staff at the venture hails from diverse demographic backgrounds. When it comes to employee retention, workers stay for at least 2.6 years in the company. The average staff at the organization takes home about $84,402 per year. Radian Group Inc operates with integrity and embraces technology to the core

4. Boston Consulting Group (BCG)

It is a management and consulting company located in the heart of Philadelphia. Programs and employees in the firm support diversity, inclusion, and equity. The team that you will work with will make you feel welcome to Boston Consulting Group. You can set a versatile schedule to work provided to complete the job in good time. The company takes pride in mentorship and sponsorship initiatives for its workforce. The salary package is incredible, and it increases with time as you climb the rank. Plus, there is an excellent female representation in leadership positions

5. Comcast

Comcast specializes in telecommunications with the headquarters in Philadelphia. The venture treats its employees with respect and courtesy. Everyone at Comcast has an open voice to air their opinions regarding company development and growth. The organization has benefits such as commission plans, health insurance, and bi-annual shift bids. At Comcast, an average employee earns about $49,284 a year. Teamwork is crucial, and workers support each other in the company. There are many advancement opportunities that you can grab as well.

6. ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks is an information technology company that has about 1001 and 5000 employees. There are equal opportunities for men and women working in the company. The best part is that your salary increases when you take up a higher role. There are incentive programs that the workforce enjoys as well. ThoughtWorks comes with company outings, happy hours, and a game room as part of the social activities. You can harness learning opportunities through on-site skills training and conferences. Plus, there are effective channels that you can use to escalate your concerns and issues.

7. Hill International Inc.

Hill International Inc. is a construction consulting firm that came into existence in 1976. The public company recruits talents from arrays of cultures. You will work with an expert and friendly staff that has exceptional skills. The organization is one of the highest paying, with an average income of $71,062 per year. Usually, staff retention at Hill International is about 2.8 years before someone leaves. It is gender-inclusive, with women being in top positions in the company.

8. Accolade Inc.

The organization is in the health, wellness, and fitness sphere. Accolade Inc. comes with the flexibility to work virtually from any place. Based in Philadelphia, the business has paid time off during sick days, vacation, and personal days. It has walking desks, an on-site gym, healthy food, and gym discounts for its employees. The people you work with are professional, respectful, and welcoming as well. Salary is terrific with paid parental leave policies that you can enjoy. You can advance your expertise through speaker series and on-site training at Accolade Inc.

9. CARDONE Industries

CARDONE Industries came into being in 1970 and deals with new and remanufactured auto parts and products. It is a great place to work since it has employee development programs. CARDONE pays its workers competitively and has excellent management. The best part is that you can relate well with co-workers since they are friendly. Also, employee diversity makes CARDONE Industries one of the best companies to work for in Philadelphia. On average, employees stay in the organization for 5.7 years before leaving for other companies.

10. GlaxoSmithKline

The organization is in the pharmaceuticals sector with about 5,000 to 10,000 people. GlaxoSmithKline has a sense of belonging since you will feel like part of the family. Everyone is welcoming, friendly, and supportive as well. The management is utterly understanding and accommodating, as well. The highlight is that you get paid for days when you are sick, taking personal days and vacations. You get to enjoy social activities such as company outings, happy hours, and a game room. The company comes with programs that support diversity, equity, and inclusion. Most importantly, your salary increases based on skills and experience.

11. Pew Charitable Trusts

The Pew Charitable Trusts is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. It focuses on improving public policy and informing citizens about their civic rights. The company offers competitive pay and benefits to the workforce. You can enjoy wellness gains and the 401k plan as part of the perks. The work culture in the organization encourages innovation and collaboration. The non-profit also practices equity and inclusion of diverse talents in the market. Workers benefit from the healthy work-life balance that the company creates for them. The employees work with each other to attain high-quality deliverables in projects.

12. Edward Jones

Edward Jones offers financial services with locations in Philadelphia. It has leading sponsorship and mentorship programs for its employees. You get 100% pay during maternity leave. The company boasts of fitness coaching and wellness programs. You can also get access to counseling sessions if you need a professional to talk to at any time. Edward Jones provides equal chances for all employees to advance. The leadership roles are inclusive, and salary increases when you get a high rank.

13. McKinsey & Company

It is a global management consulting organization founded in 1964. McKinsey & Company is dedicated and committed to core values and high standards. It rewards employees with an average salary of $111,424 within a year. Typically, staff retention is approximately 3.2 years. The firm has smart workers who will challenge you to become the best. There are inclusion and work-life balance, as well. The highlight is that you can keep your travel points and relish the free lunches and barista on Fridays.

So, if you are planning on moving to our great city, we hope this list provided you with a good starting ground for your job hunt. If you have some suggestions on other great places to work in the area, we would love to hear them!