Philly’s Green Phase Plan

Philly’s Green Phase Plan

Philadelphia administrators have released a green phase strategy where they have decided to reopen all the barbers, spas as well as salons. This will definitely take the city to the green level. In addition to that, the officials in this city have outlined various events to take up again prior to the opening of these sectors. Besides, they have revealed Philadelphia’s plan to get to the green stage of Reopening with Care, a plan made by the city Governor Tom Wolf. 

According to the city Health Commissioner Dr. Thomas Farley, Philadelphia is the most populated county in the United States and has made great progress through these tough times.

Restarting with Great Caution

As a result of the epidemic, the city is extra cautious as it starts the reopening of various business sectors. The Health Commissioner explains how the city is prepared to cope up with this outbreak. The city has put various measures aimed at restricting some activities and those that guide the operations allowed and they will carry out their businesses. As a result of the city’s progress towards fighting this epidemic, there is hope to reopen more businesses but in the yellow stage.

Some of the activities targeted to be reopened are private swim clubs, domestic swimming pools, barbers, salons, outdoor zoos, health resorts, small interior public as well as a religious congregation of about twenty-five people. This is predicted to commence on Friday, June 26, 2020. According to most barbers and salon owners, this green phase strategy has invited many customers who have been calling day in day out.

But then again despite being excited, they are making sure that all the measures put across are strictly followed such as providing face masks and shields, soaps as well as hand sanitizers to all the clients. Moreover, there has been a laid down plan to reopen the Philadelphia Zoo soon. For that reason, they are making arrangements on how to reserve their visitors as well as provide them with tickets. According to Dr. Thomas Farley, the earliest reopening date is scheduled for Friday, July 3, 2020.

This is where the city is likely to shift fully to the green level. On the other hand, the Philadelphia Department of Public Health is trying hard to evaluate the progress of this epidemic by means of metrics. Here they are able to assess the presence of the virus as well as how the virus reproduces. This department will make use of these findings to decide when the city will shift to the green stage. Furthermore, these activities will be acceptable in the green stage if only Philadelphia achieves its objectives.

In this case, the targets include outdoor refreshments and games, gyms, indoor workout lessons, schools and universities, shopping centers, small events with occupancy restrictions, and the like. For that reason, Philadelphia spokespersons announced that the way into the green phase will be given out by the Ministry of Health in the coming week. The Health Commissioner also emphasizes that going to the green level does not mean that all activities will be reopened. Dr. Thomas identified some of the enterprises that may not reopen instantly after the green phase attainment.

Some of these activities involve high-risk undertakings like singing, drinking, or eating together. Also, gatherings, susceptible populations as well as individuals in close vicinity. As a result, such doings will only be permitted to reopen afterward depending on the magnitude of risk represented by individual undertaking and also the pandemic status. Other activities that are set to reopen afterward include restaurants, bars, casinos, enormous outdoor occasions, and other related activities.

Above all Philadelphia is planning on a daily basis on how to reopen all the business activities to spearhead the city’s economy. But then again according to the Health Commissioner, the process will be slow but sure. Therefore, all the Philadelphians will remain safe as they go on with their businesses. In general, most entrepreneurs have started to benefit from gradual reopening.