Jalen Mills To Play Safety For The Eagles

Jalen Mills is a familiar name in the NFL community. With the preseason starting soon, Jalen Mills will be starting a new role at Safety in 2020. With so much talent under his belt, it can be known the Eagles will have an advantage this season with Mills on the team. When looking at his stats you can see the amount of talent he has and what he is capable of. After being drafted in 2016 after the seventh round he has shown dedication to the team. With the total of 208 tackles, 37 pass deflections, cover tight ends, cover slot receivers, able to play out wide and in the box shows the amount of potential he solely has as a player. 

Before being scouted by the Eagles he has shown an immense amount of dedication to the game. While playing for Louisiana State University, he played the safety position against Alabama. With this, he has shown the Eagles team what he is capable of as a team player. Throughout the years, his performance as a quarterback has improved and continues to grow. And with everything he has accomplished we can only expect his improvement. 

Now that Jalen Mills will play a new role, he must continue to work harder to improve his new role as safety. He may not be the fastest, but he does show quickness in other shorter areas. Although many will question his ability due to his last injury in 2019 against the Giants. Many believe he still has potential to make it far this season. 

We will not know for sure until we see him on the field, but he has shown to have a strong mentality throughout each obstacle he has faced. With many looking to see his comeback, we can hope to see him in action this preseason if not cancelled due to Covid-19. 

This season will be interesting to watch. With two years since last being in the Super Bowl, many Eagle fans will hope for a strong comeback. After looking through Jalen’s stats, it may be possible but too soon to tell. Jalen Mills does not fail to show confidence or competitiveness when on the field. And with his new role, many will see him as a downgrade but not a drastic one with his skill set. Let’s hope this season is as exciting as the ones before. Jalen Mill’s may change the game this year.