How to Introduce Your Organization, Its Culture, and Values to New Hires

One of the most important aspects of running an organization is the culture and the set of values you put forth and prioritize within your company. This is one of the aspects that you want to showcase to your new hires and employees, to entice potential candidates and keep outstanding and quality professionals in order for your firm or organization to grow. To do this, you want to establish your values as early as possible. Here are ways to introduce your company culture to new employees.

Welcome Packages

If you are looking for ways to introduce your new hires to your organization or company, holding a priority of how to showcase your culture and values, you can start with welcome packages. These would include reading material and information that will be key to success at your company, translating to relaying what makes your organization different from others. You will relay the key importance of your company and its values, and how that translates to your culture. You may also want to include tools and resources you feel your employees will benefit from and be key to their successes and understanding of your organization. This is beneficial especially when you are introducing your new hires to your company in person, but can also be done digitally, with emailed packages for your new employees. Having a well-organized and prepared welcome package is beneficial for any onboarding experience.

Onboarding With Employees And Their Team Members

In addition to providing a necessary welcome package that outlines your organization, your onboarding plays a significant role in how you introduce the culture and values to your new hires. Consider having your other employees or specific team members assist and even conduct the onboarding. This will help alleviate any stress or anxiety better, as they are connecting and being guided through your organization by colleagues as opposed to their bosses or managers. In addition to guidance and general questions about their job role, new hires can ask tenured employees about their feelings about the company and the culture within the work environment. If your company has prioritized a positive experience for its employees, you should feel confident in your employees’ ability to relay their experiences to new staff, as this will help truly set the precedent of the values and culture of your organization.  There are many different techniques, of which to learn more here, understanding what is appropriate and what may be most effective for your situation. Certain practices may benefit you more than others, and provide a better overall experience to your new hires. 

Training Classes And Courses

One way to encourage and help develop a culture and values within your organization is to promote growth from within the company. Depending on the values you hold dear, most companies often claim to take care of their employees and care for their personal and career growth. You want to foster an environment that encourages that by providing your employees’ courses and training programs to gain the skills they need to advance within your organization. You want to continue to allow your new employees to grow and feel empowered to take on larger roles and responsibilities. Not only will you provide them the ability to advance their careers, but they will also feel more connected with your organization, and be more likely to provide that same experience to any new employees you add to your team, facilitating and further building on the culture you are trying to showcase within your organization.

Allowing New Hires To Engage And Ask Questions

During the hiring and onboarding process, be sure to provide your new team members the ability to ask questions and express their concerns. Ask them often if they have questions regarding anything so far, or moving forward. Additionally, you want to establish that open line of communication throughout their professional relationship and place in your organization. Having these abilities to speak and talk to you in your company will allow you to evolve and grow within your company, and provide them the understanding that they can continue to reach out to you with concerns or even criticisms of your business without the fear of a negative experience.

When running any sort of organization, you want to ensure that you do the things that will set yourself up for success. Establishing a positive set of values and a culture within your community workplace will help put you and your team in the mindset to achieve your long-term goals for growth.