Hot Yoga in Philadelphia

The weather outside is frightful Philly and, we are not just singing a Christmas song. As we begin to pull out the winter jackets, scarves, and gloves, there is nothing jolly about working out in the cold. As the temperature starts to drop outside, our morning jogs begin to look like memories of the past, and gyms can only provide us so much solace.

So, if you are wondering how to turn up the heat this winter, it is time you consider trying hot yoga. Hot yoga in Philly is not just some new fitness trend. Hot yoga has been around for quite some time, gaining popularity since the 1970s.

What is Hot Yoga?

Stepping into a hot yoga studio is similar to walking into any yoga studio, but this time around, we can expect the temperature cranked up to 105 degrees. Some say this is to replicate the natural habitat where yoga originated: India. Whatever the reason, hot yoga is a vigorous style of yoga that is very beneficial for our bodies and minds.

7 Benefits of Hot Yoga

Detoxifies The Body

Yoga in a 105-degree temperature room means sweat, sweat, and more sweat. Sweating is the natural way for our bodies to not only regulate our internal temperature but also to help rid our bodies of toxins.


Of course, with all the stretching in yoga, we are bound to become more flexible, but hot yoga increases that likelihood tenfold. Because of the heat and humidity in the room, we can stretch our bodies even further than regular while also gaining more movement.

Weight Loss

The yoga studio is not the only place that feels the burn during a hot yoga session. Each session of hot yoga burns calories, which in turn helps us lose weight over time. Plus, as we sweat, we lose water weight and bloat. Including hot yoga in our daily weight loss regimen is bound to provide us with results.

Lung Health

Did you know we only use about 50% of our lung capacity? Hot yoga incorporates breathing exercises and body positions that, with practice, will allow our lungs to hold more oxygen over time. As our lungs grow stronger, breathing exercises performed in hot yoga help more oxygen to flow throughout our body and blood. The more oxygen, the better, for oxygen helps to cleanse our blood of toxins.


Yoga requires us to be in the now. Hot yoga intensifies that requirement. Being in the now means to just well, be. It means to be present, aware, and able to disconnect from our thoughts. Hot yoga helps teach us how to be mindful. It is a form of physical meditation. A hot yoga practice can help us resolve fears and anxiety and find peace and understanding within ourselves.

Heart Health

Is your cardio workout a combination of running or long walks? If so, you may not realize that hot yoga is also known to have tremendous benefits to our heart and cardiovascular system. A session of hot yoga will work your heart just as much as a 3-mile fast walk. Cardio workouts will strengthen heart and blood vessels, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and can help protect against heart disease.

Mood Booster

A session of hot yoga will help your mood and mental health. Not only does hot yoga help us zen out through breathing and mindfulness, but it also challenges the body as we work through different positions. The combination of movement and stillness helps to clear our mind and body while leaving us with a feeling of accomplishment.

If we aren’t all running to our nearest hot yoga studio yet, let us point you in the right direction. Check out these hot yoga studios below!

Best Spots for Hot Yoga in Philly

Hotbox Yoga

Located at 4163 Main Street Philadelphia, PA 19127, Hotbox Yoga is committed to helping students tap into their inner power on and off the mat. Offering new students 40 days of classes for $40, Hotbox Yoga offers sessions both in house and virtually.

Hot Yoga Philadelphia

Philly’s OG Hot Yoga Studio, Hot Yoga Philadelphia, has been around since 2001 and is located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia at 1520 Sansom Street, 3rd Floor. Now in a newly renovated studio, Hot Yoga Philadelphia is offering private and semi-private lessons, as well as Ayurveda and bodywork sessions.

Philly Hot Asana

Ready to make self-awareness and peace become one? Visit Philly Hot Asana at 233 North Street 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107, and experience hot yoga with a community of Philly yogis.