Buddha Babe Opens On Small Business Saturday

Buddha Babe Opens On Small Business Saturday

Established in 2014 as an e-commerce business built on the needs of her child, Tina Dixon Spence’s Buddha Babe is a Philadelphia-based luxury design studio focusing on accessories for babies, toddlers and the home. Envisioned as a true maker’s workshop, Buddha Babe has finally opened a brick and mortar location at 7101 Emlen Street in West Mount Airy and will offer a retail boutique, group-sewing classes, private kids parties, community events and fashion and lifestyle collaborations.

Buddha Babe got it’s start from Tina’s son Baron, who developed rashes from the standard bibs. She did her homework and spent her nights on YouTube until she learned just how to make her own bib for her son.

Soon after that, she expanded her trade, creating bibs and even blankets for friends and relatives. Up until she decided to push a bit further and opened her website up for the general public.

Now, years later, she finally has opened up a small business right here in Philly, which is a great place to open a business.

“My company is all about love. Love for children, love for Philadelphia, love for ourselves. Babies are the most simple symbol of hope in the world, and this business and this store celebrate our hope for the future, and how love makes everything work. I have built a store, a workforce, a fashion line and a community, and I hope that everyone will come for a visit on Small Business Saturday”

Tina Dixon Spence, Founder+ Designer, Buddha Babe

The opening of Buddha Babe on Small Business Saturday shows the strength and resilience of our community. Amidst COVID, new businesses still form. Show Buddha Babe some support by dropping by and picking up a colorful bib for your toddler!

Images courtesy of HughE Dillon of phillychitchat.com. Follow him on Twitter or Instagram