6 Effective Digital Marketing Strategies to Promote Your Law Firm

The times are changing, and many businesses are opting towards online marketing. With the advent of Coronavirus, a global pandemic has forced many people to work from home. It has caused a significant increase in the use of technology, with more people searching for online sources when shopping or receiving any services.

To help your law firm keep striving in these challenging times, you have to take an extra step and promote it online. Therefore, it is essential to target your customers where they like to visit most. Here are some effective and proven ways of promoting your law firm online.

Create Valuable Content:

The role of content creating in online marketing cannot be denied. It plays an important role in attracting more traffic to your site and keeps users engaged. Create blogs that center around your law field and write attention-worthy content.

Many online tools can help you figure which of the topics are most searched by people. You can set up a weekly schedule of posting new content and keep your site updated.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media is one of the most effective and fastest methods to help spread your law firm awareness. Your whole team can have their accounts on famous social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Link your company website on your account biography to help clients find you easily. Social media can help you to connect with other professionals and new clients easily. Share links to your articles and introduce a topic that can persuade your users to engage in the post.

Video Marketing:

More people are getting drawn towards videos rather than reading an article as it provides a much faster means of information. YouTube is one of the top video content sharing and viewing sites which Google owns, making it easy for people to reach Youtube videos through searches.

You can create videos on how you handle your various situations when it comes to assisting clients. Create awareness on important problems like clergy abuse  or child abuse by addressing different issues in video content. You can make a video to answer some of the common questions that you receive from your clients. 

Offer a User-Friendly Website:

The competition in online marketing is no less than traditional marketing. If your website is not easy to use or understand, users will most likely switch to another law firm site within some seconds. Then it’s time to make some major changes to your site. For example,

  • Ensure that mobile devices support your website because most internet users access it through their mobile or tablet devices.
  • Offer Live Chat services to help answer user’s questions on the spot. It is a quicker process and increases the chances of converting a user into your next client. Sending an email and waiting for it seems like a longer route and most people need urgent help regarding their matters.
  • Add a Call to Action to your ads and marketing material to help users reach your business details. You can include a Contact Us button that can open in a form for users to fill in their contact information.

Email Marketing:

You can keep in touch with your clients and prospects who do not visit your website daily through your email leads. You may not realize it, but your email list is a valuable asset that allows you to impose email marketing successfully.

Provide updates and knowledge of your services on emails of your clients. This way, they will remember your presence when they actually need your assistance.

Create a Mobile Optimized Website:

More internet users are shifting to mobile phones as they are easier to access and use. The main reason why your website is not receiving much attention is that it is non-mobile-optimized.

Now is the right time to upgrade it to run efficiently on a mobile device. Google sets higher ranks for the sites that support a mobile-optimized website.