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Soda Tax By The NumbersSoda Tax By The NumbersEditorial08 March 2017
Winners and losers unclear in first month of roll out (Photo Left) Tallying up the soda tax. Photo by Salvatore Patrone. When Philadelphia became the first big city in America to pass a soda tax, we knew the city’s revenue department and beverage associations across the nation would be poring through the first returns...
Bike Race Demise Déjà VuBike Race Demise Déjà VuEditorial15 February 2017
Rep. Brady tries to save the day again (Photo Left) Like the cyclists, the Manayunk race itself has faced a wall, yet again. Photo by justinknabb, licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Flickr. Congressman Robert A. Brady is perhaps the most unlikely champion of competitive cycling in Philadelphia that you can find.  The first...

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