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What Makes For a Good Congressman?Editorial10 August 2017 Clue: It has nothing to do with the number of bills a member authors. (Photo Left) Congressman Alan Grayson wasted a lot of time authoring bills and amendments that didn’t pass. Photo by Ldl766 via Wikimedia Commons. The recent allegation that Congressman Bob Brady paid off a primary opponent to get out of the 2012 race for his seat has spawned yet another diatribe from the Inky Ed. Board against Congressman Bob Brady’s legislative record: “Given his...Read More >>What Makes For a Good Congressman?


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Musical VoyageSheila Simmons10 August 2017
Liberian immigrants seek change through song (Photo Left) From left, Liberian singers and dancers Marie Nenabo, Tokey Tomah, Sangai Gobah, Fatu Gayflo and Zaye Tete. Photo by Sarah J. Glover. There is beauty and pain in the voices of Fatu Gayflor, Marie Nyenabo, Zaye Tete, and Tokay Tomah. Together, they make up the...Read More >>
Advancing Online AdvertisingHughE Dillon10 August 2017
Cutting-edge company Amino Payments launches Philly-proud start-up Amino Payments celebrated its official launch at the WeWork office at 1900 Market Street on July 26. Amino is a payments company that combines technologies from blockchain, payments, and advertising to bring transparency to online advertising while enabling fast, accurate payments. Guests enjoyed a...Read More >>
The 76ers Look Ready to Finally Make a MoveJeremy Treatman10 August 2017
Will the long-term team-building be worth the wait? (Photo Left) New Sixers training facility on the Camden waterfront. Photo by Sarah J. Glover. In the history of sports, seemingly no team has deliberately lost hundreds of games over a longer period of time while immorally tainting the integrity of the game than the...Read More >>


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Ken Smukler, publisher of Philadelphia’s largest weekly newspaper, The Liberty City Press, has a background in political technology and communications both locally and nationally.  Read more >>
Jeremy Treatman is the founder and co-director of the Scholastic Play-by-Play Classics and Sports Broadcasting Camps. Over 50 NBA players, including Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Rajon Rondo played in his events when they were in high school. Jeremy...Read more >>
Lucy Smukler is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston College. She is studying English and is interested in journalism and analytic writing. She is very excited to be a part of the Liberty City Press team. Read more >>
Sheila Simmons brings many years of writing and communications experience to her work for Liberty City Press. She began her professional writing career at the Philadelphia Daily News, where she covered Business, City Hall and Education.Read more >>
Sarah J. Glover is an award-winning photojournalist and multimedia journalist, specializing in photojournalism and video for the web.Read more >>
HughE Dillon Philly's Society Photographer; he's a columnist, television personality too. His photo work focuses on people, parties, celebrities and Philadelphia.  His photos have been published nationally and internationally. Including in People Mag,...Read more >>
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