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Hanging Up The RobesEditorial15 June 2016 Pa. should keep judicial retirement age at 70. Pennsylvania voters may or may not get the chance this fall to decide whether the judicial retirement age should be increased from 70 to 75. This may come as quite a surprise to our readers who believe, quite correctly, that they already voted on this constitutional amendment by referendum in last May’s primary. But the legislature decided at the eleventh hour to nullify the vote on two...Read More >>Hanging Up The Robes


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A Nation. Not a BrandSheila Simmons15 June 2016
Navajo-produced film marks milestone anniversary, as court protects group’s name (Photos Left) Alta Kahn, mother of Susie Benally, films her daughter weaving a belt, 1966. Photo courtesy of Penn Museum. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking film project, “Navajo Film Themselves.” How ironic that it comes in the same year...Read More >>
A Visit from ChitaHughE Dillon15 June 2016
The voice of Broadway is honored by The Voice Foundation On June 3rd, The Voice Foundation “the world’s oldest and leading organization dedicated to voice research, medicine, science and education” held its annual Voices of Summer Gala.  The event was held at the Westin Philadelphia and included presenting Kennedy Awards Honoree...Read More >>
All-City Classic a SuccessJeremy Treatman15 June 2016
Great hoops from upcoming stars (Photo Left) Former Phoenix Suns point guard and Philly native Sean Singletary (left) and Charles Monroe (right). Photo by Sarah J. Glover. Ed Croswell is used to challenging situations. The 6-foot-6-inch forward was the centerpiece of Math Civics and Sciences’ basketball team this year. Shockingly, they made it...Read More >>
June BrideHughE Dillon15 June 2016
Celebrating the Honigman-Mandia wedding Philadelphia socialite, and all around nice person, Christie Mandia (formerly Christie Honigman) and Brandon Mandia were married at the Reeds in Stone Harbor earlier this month. About 150 family, and friends gathered including notables like NFL TV’s Colleen Wolfe, Sheena Parveen of NBC10 and Marisa Magnatta of...Read More >>


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Ken Smukler, publisher of Philadelphia’s largest weekly newspaper, The Liberty City Press, has a background in political technology and communications both locally and nationally.  Read more >>
Jeremy Treatman is the founder and co-director of the Scholastic Play-by-Play Classics and Sports Broadcasting Camps. Over 50 NBA players, including Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Rajon Rondo played in his events when they were in high school. Jeremy...Read more >>
Lucy Smukler is a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston College. She is studying English and is interested in journalism and analytic writing. She is very excited to be a part of the Liberty City Press team. Read more >>
Sheila Simmons brings many years of writing and communications experience to her work for Liberty City Press. She began her professional writing career at the Philadelphia Daily News, where she covered Business, City Hall and Education.Read more >>
Sarah J. Glover is an award-winning photojournalist and multimedia journalist, specializing in photojournalism and video for the web.Read more >>
HughE Dillon Philly's Society Photographer; he's a columnist, television personality too. His photo work focuses on people, parties, celebrities and Philadelphia.  His photos have been published nationally and internationally. Including in People Mag,...Read more >>
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